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Crowdsourcing-The Other Face of Outsourcing

Crowdsourcing is another technological advancement after Web 2.0 and Open Source . It is an amazing method where the user can be the designer of product themselves, and where a diversified pool of talents can be utilized to develop the design of a company logo or website. As we are familiar with Web 2.0 that it is user created content,where user is the contributor in the development itself, Crowdsourcing is not different to it. Crowdsourcing is more flexible, more creative and more effective because one would get plenty of options to choose from.

For example, I am a company and i need to create a logo for the company. If the company doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and want more creativity and more acceptable logo, then Crowdsourcing is the solution.  The next step is to find an internet portal which facilitate this process, for example,crowdSPRING. There is plethora of designers are registered and specialize in the logo design. The next step will be, i register myself and set a budget, say $500, and leave a description of what i want. The designers will create various logos for the company and present it for your review; the most attractive  logo will be awarded and chosen. I can give feedbacks also at regular intervals so that i get what i want.

By this way, Crowdsourcing provide companies the option to choose between outsourcing  the work to contractors or crowdsourcing it. Where contractors are more expensive and give less options to chose from, Crowdsourcing gives more options to chose from and is cheaper.


RTA Advertisement, Australia

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RTA Advertisement, Australia

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Improving Market Conditions-A Sigh of Relief for Marketers

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Friday “From a technical perspective, the recession is very likely over at this point,”. “It’s still going to feel like a very weak economy for some time because many people will still find that their job security and their employment status is not what they wish it was.”

From  a marketers perspective it can be considered as most awaited news. When market goes down, the marketing department is the one which first encounters the ill-effect of it.  The reason is obvious; companies try to save money by cutting the marketing expenses because marketing campaigns do not show instantaneous effect. It takes considerable time for a campaign to show its desired effect and some time it is difficult to measure the dollar value of the gain. In this chaotic environment, managers think that its better to put a hold on these efforts. Eventually, when the marketing expense goes down the, need of marketing experts goes down, and that need causes the company to axe its sales and marketing force. Therefore, the sales and marketing professionals are the first ones who faces this catastrophe.

The optimistic statement of Ben Bernanke will give marketers a sigh of relief; now, expectedly, they may think more creative again, with complete freedom.

An Analysis: The Best Job in The World(Tourism Queensland)

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No one thinks big of you- Ad Campaign

The recent ad campaign ran by NSW roads and traffic authority is one of the most successful campaign created by Clemenger BBDO Sydney. This campaign is also known as “pinkie ad” in the Australian community. The love of speed in Australian youth has always been deleterious and has caused major fatalities. None of the ad campaigns were so much effective than this one. To put a check on the death tolls due to over-speeding, this creative ad campaign aimed to create a perception among youth that they may not die because of over speeding but everyone will think that he is an idiot; and that is expressed by showing them the pinkie.

As a result of it, the number of youth fatalities has been dropped to half; it dropped from 64 in 2006 to 35 in 2007, and to 37 in 2008 (B&T). This was only possible through the traditional media and not through the social media. It again proved the importance of creative thinking in marketing. This ad was constructed on consumer behaviour theories which emphasises on the creation of attitude among the target market. If one perceives that his activities are not liked by others, he or she will develope an attitude towards that, and eventually, will stop doing that. Sometimes, in marketing you don’t need a lot of budget; a smart strategy equals thosands of dollers.

Importance of Social Media

Social media is the most discussed name in the world of marketing these days. For some businesses it is saving a lot of marketing expenses; on the other hand, some of them are finding it difficult to handle. Indeed, it is a great developement in the history of internet, but its success definition varies from business to business. For example, social media can be more beneficial for an online business, but for a business where face to face contact is necessary, it might not be of greater benefit. It also depends on the level of involvement; businesses who offer expensive product and services can get benefited by developing a god relationship with its customers, which can lead to generation of confidence in the purchase of high involvement product or service.